May nobody get lost

Date 05-03-2007

por dom Luciano Mendes de Almeida

Through this second page dedicated to him, Dom Luciano reveals us the spirituality that has characterized all his life.



The most important thing is to do God’s will, that is to do good in the name of Jesus. We must realize that God the Father loves us and put our lives in His hands. Through prayer, friendship with our Lord and an open attitude towards the needs of our brothers, we recognize each time His will, realizing constantly that He knows what is best for us. God wants everybody to live a full life and doesn’t want anybody to get lost.
I think prayer must be joined to the Word of God and to the certainty that God the Father communicates with us through words, Jesus’ presence and the love of the Holy Spirit.


There are people who pray more and longer in silence. There are people who experience Jesus’ presence even while helping the sick, the sufferers, the poor, because in doing this they feel the joy of gratuitous love, beginning and source of God’s revelation and free gift.

St. Ignatius said that praying men are called to live the grace of discovering God’s presence in everything, to plunge into God and His love and to find God in all things. Just like the person who falls in love discovers that his love is returned through small signs, little by little the person who contemplates discovers the presence of God in the things He created.

There will be a moment of Grace when not only does man feel God’s presence, but he also abandons himself to Him and to His free, gratuitous and endless Love forever. In this light, everyday life and events are not only the path and the way towards Him, but they acquire a new meaning and relevance, turning into splendour and glory. Like a ray coming from sun, light coming from dawn. I think St. Ignatius wanted to express this, when he wrote of “the beauty of seeing everything, people and events in God”.

Just like the person in love who starts to consider love signs as an expression of a strong and firm feeling, because in the long term those signs have become a point of reference for everything.

When you feel deep inside that God loves you, through prayer you will learn to see everything in the light of the Father’s love. This is exactly what happened to Jesus, who was so sure that God loved him that he did His will until the end.

That’s why I think that the most important aspect in spirituality is our heart. Biblical culture is definitely important, because it is a grace that reveals us the meaning of the words and lets us know and develop our knowledge about God. Nevertheless, a true and authentic spirituality – I’m sure – can put its roots and grow up just in pure, fond and docile hearts. Accordingly, a pure heart accepts life with faith, recognizing God in every event. Brothers and sisters become God’s images we have to love, to protect, to help and to make similar to God.

How to reach this? Is prayer enough? Do we need something more? It is definitely a God’s grace. But we can cultivate and improve it trying to live the gratuity of Love, offering ourselves in free and gratuitous gift to the poor and to abandoned mankind. In other words, this gratuity giving-based lifestyle makes us experience communion with God, never forgetting the role of prayer.

Prayer is undoubtedly an expression of gratuity, but when you devote yourself to the sufferers, to the AIDS sufferers, to the poor, almost giving up the peace of contemplation, you can receive something very special from the experience of gratuity (without neglecting prayer in other occasions).

Dom Luciano Mendes de Almeida

Traduzione di Claudia Calisti






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